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CLAVIO Design Gradosei for Formabilio

With Clavio design becomes functional and simplifies your life! Manage your space depending on the occasion: do you need a storage furniture element that in a small space is able to hide and keep your things tidy? Do you need to furnish an empty wall and keep all right at hand? Do you have a corner of your house that you need to you use in a smarter way? If you need  something that does all this you need Clavio! You can use it open as capacious  sideboard, media console,  buffet or closed to store and tidy up various objects. And if you would like to place it in the corner? No problem, you can still have so much space without using the entire wall. A modern sideboard, which is functional, smart and has a captivating design.



Float is a contemporary couch designed for multiple purposes. Designed by Karim Rashid / 2012.

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Architecture for Dogs by Hara Design Institute

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Dedalo Table by Gradosei | GBlog

DEDALO Table by gradosei : “A clean design…” thanks gessato formabilio

Confessions Of A Designer: Chiara Pellicano


An informal weekly interview with one of our designers.

Chiara Pellicano, 24, from Perugia, studied in Rome at the Quasar Design University. Her motto is: “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

Chiara has won three Formabilio contests: “Container” with Priscilla,…

Dedalo_Design Gradosei for Formabilio

L’essenzialità di due forme uguali trapezoidali, intersecate, ruotate e ribaltate tra di loro, donano dinamicità al tavolo creando nuovi giochi geometrici.
La pura solidità del legno usato per il piano, è sostenuta dall’eleganza formale descritta nel movimento delle gambe.

The essentiality of two identical trapezoidal shapes, intersected, rotated and flipped between them, gives dynamism to the table making new geometrical impression. The wood’s strenght used for the plane, is supported by the formal elegance and movement of the legs.

(2013) PRISCILLA_Gradosei for Formabilio (

Priscilla è un mobile contenitore a metà strada tra una libreria e una classica credenza/vetrina. E’ possibile decidere cosa nascondere o cosa mostrare: giocando tra i vuoti e i pieni del pannello frontale e divertendosi a personalizzarlo e a decorarlo con foto, disegni e ricordi. Priscilla grazie alla sua originalità è adatto ad ogni ambiente della casa specialmente per quegli spazi come cucina e camere dei ragazzi dove ordinare e organizzare risulta sempre molto difficile. Essenziale e dalle linee morbide, Priscilla è facilmente assemblabile perchè completamente ad incastro tranne due viti/bulloni che tengono salda la struttura.

(2013) PRISCILLA_Gradosei for Formabilio (

Priscilla is a container furniture, meshing a bookshelf and a traditional corner cupboard. It makes possible you to decide what can be hidden or displayed: playing on empty and full head-on board’s space, enjoying customizing and decorating with pictures, drawings and memories. Priscilla’s originality fits in every room especially in those like the kitchen and boy’s bedroom where organizing seems to be very hard. Essential and with soft lines, Priscilla’s assembly is really easy because it is outright jointed with the exception of two bolts that make the structure so stable.

HEIDI_Designed for IFU - instruction for use
"Ancora volo, ancora sconfino su e giù nell’aria, ma senza scosse."

New borders and new horizons are opening in front of us and it is easy to notice.
A simple swing, so essential in the forms but so original and immortal in fun and pleasure that provides, allows you to digress with the view and, caressed from the air, feel more free and light in flight.
The swing has always been the outdoor game par excellence.
Revisited, minimal, takes a new aesthetic elegance given by wood’s alive essence, by interlaced ropes, by pastel colors and pure shapes.


"Ancora volo, ancora sconfino su e giù nell’aria, ma senza scosse." (L’altalena di Louis Stevenson)

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